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Any interest?

I have received quite a few enquiries for tail wheels. I don’t have any to sell; the effects of 50+ years of rough airfield and corrosion mean that most tail wheels in service will be long past their best.

Separately I’ve noticed that the aluminium part of the canopy latch (the pull ring) is also a “wear item”. From bent and chewed to nearly cut through by the steel backing plate, very few that I’ve seen are in good condition.

An inflight failure doesn’t bear thinking about.

I have found a small, but very high tech company locally that has the ability to produce batch castings in aluminium of both the above items.

Obviously economies of scale will play a part, but initial indications are that they wouldn’t be too expensive.

If you might be interested could you express an interest (no obligation) either via the Forum or to

Thanks for reading this far!



Hi Geoff,

Thank you for your endeavour.

I am interested in your tailwheel proposal and please keep me posted.





Count me in for a tailwheel! I have seen many people have replacements fitted that are slightly-better-than-the-one-taken-off. And therefore reckon this is a no risk venture to have several made.

The tyres seem to be in plentiful supply, but not the hub. Bearings v easy to find, too, as they are metric, standard, and therefore cheap!

I was going to perhaps have a go at this myself, but hadn't progressed too far! Great if you have a local supplier. Go for it!


Hi All,

I'm making slow progress on new manufacture of both cowling latch ring pulls and tail wheels. To my surprise (and that of Club Technical Officer Guy Solleveld!) the tail wheel is in fact in two halves which screw together and the halves are secured by a single bolt to prevent unscrewing. The potential manufacturer is now considering whether in light of this machining would be a better solution than casting.

I'll keep you advised.

Best regards,


Hi Geoff,

Engine cowling catches will be a must for me please.

Thank you .

Brgds Dave