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Renault oil tanks

Dear Colleagues

Can anyone educate me please on the differences in the Renault oil tank.

For example some have an additional screwed cap fitting on the top about half way along i.e. not the breather or filler and so what is it for. Any drawings you could share would be most welcome.



Hi Dave,

the engine oil of a Renault must be cooled down much more compared to the Gipsy. That´s why the design is quite different. The screwed cap half way should be an inspection cap for the check valve. I have many drawings, but unable to attach it here. Here a dropbox link for download:

Best regards,


Hi Alf

That's wonderful thank you, I am particularly interested in your drawing number S1006.

Would anyone know what the differences are between the po3 and po5 tank please or is drawing s1006 the tank with inverted capability?

Brgds Dave


S1006 specifically mentions "Vol inverse" - so, yes, for inverted flight. I would imagine that the only specific difference would be the inclusion of a flop tube and appropriate return feeds (but others will know better!).

There have been a few people recently who have bought (new) or had refurbished Renault Oil tanks. I can put you in touch with them if that's what you are after

I also know of a Renault tank available that apparently has no cooler on the side......and a beautiful mould in France to make tanks out of carbon fibre.....


Hi Angus

Thanks for the heads-up.

I have a replacement tank fitted, waiting for a test flight and a contact who might be able to repair my original.

Kind regards