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Schaffen Diest 2020

Diest, 30-01-2020

Dear Sir,

With regards to the 37th FLY IN of old planes, organized at the Schaffen-Diest airfield (EBDT) August 14th up to and including 16th 2020, we kindly request you to publish the following in your estimated magazine.

This Fly In is also the 37th gathering, outside Italian borders, of planes like Falco, Picchio, Nibbio, SF260 designed by engineer Stelio Frati.

Amateur-built and certain historic aircraft registered in European - Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) member states no longer require- a permit to over fly Belgian territory for 30 days in a calendar year.

We hope to welcome, as in the previous years, umpteen planes from France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, …

During the weekend, each team will enjoy following benefits :
• a lunch offered to each member of crew
• the possibility to stay overnight at the airfield (camping)
• shuttle transport to and from different hotels around
• a barbecue on Saturday evening, while enjoying music of a live band.

During these 3 days, demonstrations will include appearances from Old Timers and Ultra Lights Aircraft. Also, several clubs of Old-timer Cars have agreed to come over and exhibit - we'd seen over 1.200 vehicles in 2019!

Thank you in advance for your assistance we remain,

Yours Faithfully

Guy Valvekens
E-mail :
Website :